To get your cargo booked simply ring your local Cooltainer branch. If you have an approximate requirement to send or receive your cargo our dedicated team will ensure we get the best delivery available.
Please forward Shipping Instruction (S/I) details and any door/fruit load out documentation to the following generic email addresses.

Depending upon destination of your shipment and whether cargo is going to destination door:

Westbound (NZ to Australia) |
Eastbound (Australia to NZ) |
Pacific Islands |

Our core package remains our Door to Door option. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  1. Supply of a 20′ or 40′ container to the pack house or coolstore
  2. Cartage of the container to the port of load
  3. Three days of power and monitoring prior to sailing
  4. Sea-freight of the container
  5. Preparation of all export documentation. This includes vessel waybills, NZ export entries, commercial invoices, and the relevant phyto sanitary certificate. Cooltainer has a fully approved, audited documentation system as approved by Agri Quality.
  6. Dispatch of documents to global destinations
  7. Power and monitoring upon arrival in discharge port
  8. In house customs clearance
  9. Delivery of the container to the required location
  10. Emailed confirmation of delivery

In addition to these services, we can tailor a specific solution to suit your needs.

If you already have cartage service providers at load and destination we can look to take your consignment from Wharf to Wharf. This enables you to focus on your core business letting Cooltainer take care of the shipping of your freight. This is a great option if you have a service provider for your local requirements. Cooltainer will arrange all bookings & documentation with the shipping lines including giving you a variety of options while removing time consuming tasks from your organisation.

This service is not limited to our usual markets as we have expanded to getting product to international markets. This has included Singapore, China, South Africa & UAE in the past. Cooltainer are constantly shipping into new markets and are happy to help you get into these markets removing the barriers and offering a wealth of expertise on the logistics chain and international requirements.

The heart of our cold chain business is providing transport solutions to suit your individual needs. We can offer you specialised logistics packages to meet your Global requirements for perishable FCL shipments.

At Cooltainer, we focus on the logistics of temperature sensitive freight, and our experienced staff are able to offer expert advice on the critical components of operation associated with cool chain, including:

Because we specialise in perishable logistics, we can offer an expert range of services in this area. Due to this experience we can help you met your logistical requirements for all export or import cargo where you simply want your cargo in expert hands.

Import/export solutions: door-to-door and wharf-to-wharf

  • Transport
  • Export documentation
  • NZ customs Pin
  • MAF accredited Systems
  • Customs Clearances
  • Inland Deliveries
Cooltainer provides competitive and reliable sea-freight services across the within New Zealand, across the Tasman and extends to global discharge ports. Cooltainer extends the standard FCL (Full Container Load) “Port to Port” service offered by shipping lines to a fully integrated FCL “Door to Door” service inclusive of all Customs, shipping line instructions and Quarantine formalities. We have extensive relationships with all major shipping companies in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands & Papua New Guinea offering your personalised service to meet your business needs.
New Zealand To Pacific Islands
Our Less than Container load (LCL) Sea freight forwarding service includes consolidation, deconsolidation, Customs and other Government authority clearance, Cartage, storage & distribution and all other logistics services. We service the pacific Islands and Australia to & from New Zealand for both Chilled & frozen commodities. We offer regular monthly Chiller & Freezer LCL service ex Auckland to the Cook Islands and a fortnightly alternate Chiller & Freezer LCL service ex Melbourne & Sydney to Auckland.

Australia to New Zealand
Cooltainer has recently announced the commencement of a LCL reefer service from Melbourne & Sydney to Auckland. Loading at our depot at Keilor Park, Link Logistics in Melbourne and at Price & Speed in Sydney with a direct service to our temperature controlled warehouse in Auckland located at the airport. We have commenced with a fortnightly LCL service for Hard Frozen (-25°C) and an alternate fortnightly Chilled service (+4°C). There is possibility of an ambient service (+15°C).

Cooltainer also offers Agency Services in New Zealand to allow your company to have a local presence. We can liaise with your clients, shipping lines, and export stores, arrange loads, and complete export documentation if required.
Cooltainer has the ability to complete and process your Custom Clearance in either Australia or New Zealand for your shipment. This could be an EDN (ex door Australia) , a NZ CEDO (to door Australia) or an import entry into NZ or Australia. Our team have the qualifications to ensure your shipment meets the necessary Customs requirements and is either loaded on-board for export or an import clearance completed.
Cooltainer can help out with long or short term leasing of 20ft or 40ft reefers required to store temperature sensitive commodities. Please contact your local Cooltainer branch or Mark Harrison at our Christchurch head office for any enquiries.
Although we are specialists in reefer containers the shipping expertise amongst the Cooltainer team has the supplier relationships to assist with your dry cargo goods. This can be from and to anywhere from goods as small as a pallet and as large as a container.
Cooltainer Coastal service gives you alternative options considering demands on our roads and rail within New Zealand. Cooltainer offer a comprehensive Wharf or Door service weekly between most New Zealand ports. If you have a coastal requirement either north or southbound Cooltainer can look to offer a quick and seamless solution.