Cut offs are determined by a vessel’s scheduled arrival and the time required for the Terminal / Vessel Operator to complete the relevant documentation and planning (minimum 12 hours and sometimes more). In some instances the Cargo Manifest must be completed and approved by the arriving Country before the vessel arrives and begins loading.
A CEDO is the “Customs Electronic Delivery Order” and is approval from NZ Customs that the cargo can legally be exported from New Zealand. As a rule CEDO’s must be lodged AND accepted 12 hours BEFORE the load vessel arrives in Port. Failure to complete the CEDO will mean the shipment will not proceed and more often than not, a financial penalty will be applied.
AQIS stands for the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (duplicated in NZ by our Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) and has the task of protecting Australia from the introduction of unwanted pests (seeds, insects etc). Consequently all cargo entering Australia must meet the requirements of Federal law and this is done either through electronic lodgment or physical inspection of the goods.
Packing declarations are required by AQIS and are a signed commitment by the Shipper that the cargo meets certain requirements. They are the same as an Airline Arrivals card. A weight declaration is a requirement of Australian Federal law and every truck driver must have a declaration from the cargo source advising TOTAL weight. The process was established to determine a “chain of responsibility” in the event of an accident.
Random inspections are made by AQIS who reserve the right to open a container and complete a physical inspection of the goods. This necessitates the container being directed to a registered Inspection facility (and thus incurring a cost). X-Ray inspections are enforced by Customs to inspect any cargo they may choose to examine. Once again this can result in added cost or delays in delivery.
Maximum weight limits are determined by the weight of the container AND the weight of the truck and trailer combination. Because trucks and containers do vary in tare weight it is prudent to work on the following cargo maximums per container:
Maximum Cargo weight of 23500kg
Maximum Cargo weight of 24500kg
A maximum of THREE days applies (includes weekends and Public holidays) from the first day of availability
A maximum of FIVE days applies (includes weekends and Public holidays) from the day of discharge
Normally FIVE days prior to vessel arrival

Cooltainer offers 10 days for both Import and Export cargo. Detention charges will be applied after this period.
Gross weight     =    weight of cargo and packaging Nett weight       =     weight of cargo only