Dedicated to extending the life of your perishables, KNCooltainer is a niche transport company in the refrigerated transport sector. We provide a total logistics solution from start to finish- with a comprehensive service for temperature sensitive cargo throughout the Oceania and South Pacific region with all other international destinations directed via the global network of Kuehne & Nagel offices.

Formed in 1967, we at KNCooltainer bring to our customers over 50 years of experience in handling perishable products. As a dedicated reefer operator, KNCooltainer provides a comprehensive service for temperature sensitive cargo throughout the South Pacific region.

In many trades, especially the trans-Tasman, KNCooltainer is a well-established reefer operator, and we undertake temperature care shipments for a broad spectrum of export clients.

KNCooltainer offers a one-stop shop for our clients. We provide an entire range of integrated logistic services for cool chain door-to-door service including primary and secondary transportation, documentation, freight forwarding and international agency. Our strength lies in our customer focused products, domain knowledge, and reliable solutions.

KNCooltainer operates our own fleet of owned, or leased 20’ and 40’ integrated refrigerated containers, and continues to invest in improving the standard of the containers. We are able to offer high cube 9’6” 20’ refrigerated containers as well as the standard 8’6” 20’ and high cube 9’6” 40’ units. As well as this, we offer flexibility to exporters and importers with our excellent frequency of sailing opportunities. When packing KNCooltainer units this allows shippers the option of swapping between carriers to expedite deliveries and avoid the risk of any single carriers service delay or omission.

We stand apart from many other competitors, by not only owning our own fleet of containers, but maintaining our own office and team network through Australia and New Zealand. This allows us to provide an exceptionally high standard of consistent service. We are focussed on perishable product. Our staff are fully aware of the care and attention demanded by temperature-sensitive cargo. They are trained to expertly dispatch and deliver every consignment. Communicating with people you know and trust is invaluable.

KNCooltainer have meticulous compliance standards with the many statutory, industry and importing country requirements.

Today, the strength of KNCooltainer is that we are able to offer our customers a variety of different sailing opportunities and a reliable supply of equipment. By maintaining a dedicated branch network throughout New Zealand and Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne we are able to provide a diverse customer base with a high standard of specialised customer service. Being able to offer a cool store to cool store, or door to door service KNCooltainer provides a crucial link in the perishable supply chain of the South Pacific region.

KNCooltainer has developed excellent long standing working relationships with over many years in the industry. KNCooltainer are looking forward to finding solutions and developing partnerships to meet your service requirements.